About Us

Fazal Industries has been manufacturing and exporting knitted garments since 1987. The company has achieved phenomenal growth in recent years due to its quality product, in-time delivery and customer support. Recently it has acquired purpose built building adhering to the global requirements i.e., health and safety.

The company strongly believes that the success is the result of “Customer Satisfaction”. Therefore, the same spirit is reflected when it created its quality policy.


The total area of existing facility is 36,000 square feet equipped with  all  necessary  machinery  (please  see  List  of  Machinery) and Fire Hyderant  for Safety of Employees and facility. Monthly production capacity is: Polo Shirts – 6,000 dozens, ladies wearing apparel 8,000 dozen and children / men wear – 7,000 dozen). Main market is USA and U.K and prominent customers are Brylane and happy kids.


The top management is committed to transform the company to “Institute” so that it can serve the customer for a longer period of time. To realize that dream the company has engaged a full time consultant. Holistic approach is adopted as Human Resource Management, Training and Development, Social Compliance, Quality Management System, Production; Management Information Systems etc. are simultaneously addressed

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